Dyer Library

Since 1881, Dyer Library has served the changing educational and cultural needs of the Saco area. Located side by side on Main Street, the Dyer Library and the York Institute Museum serve as a lively center of culture and education for Saco and surrounding communities. In addition to maintaining a strong and growing collection of books, periodicals, and reference materials, Dyer Library is actively responsive to the needs of an expanding community.

The library contains:

  • A circulating collection of over 70,000 volumes.
  • An audio-visual library with over 600 items.
  • A children’s library and story hour loft.
  • 84 current periodicals; many 19th century periodicals.
  • The Maine History Collection, with some 100,000 documents, including 3,000 photographs, genealogical records, and an extensive library of regional history books and maps.
  • A reference department including an extensive index collection and state and federal census publications.
  • Local organizations such as the Saco Area Historical Society can meet in Library rooms.
  • Films, lectures, exhibits, and concerts are offered through community groups. In addition to increasing the Library’s general information resources, computers have enabled the Library to provide unique services to members of the community needing access to specialized data.
  • The Library catalog is now on-line.
  • The Library has the Ursus catalog available, providing cataloging information from the University of Maine System, the State Library, and the Bangor Public Library.
  • Membership in York County interlibrary loan cooperative assures patrons of receiving most books in two to three days. Participation in the Southern Maine Regional Library District provides access to library collections nationwide.
  • The Infotrac Database providing indexing to 400 materials is available.

In short. Dyer Library embodies the spirit of a public library, a center for educational and cultural investigation providing state-of-the-art technology, with an enthusiastic staff ready to help.

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